About Us

We're a fresh entrant in the consumer food space that intends to unravel the unhealthy secrets of your tasty junk food and replace them with our nutritiously delicious snacks.

Have you ever wondered why almost every human in the world, especially kids, love eating chips and chocolates? Do you remember what our school teachers and parents used to call such items? JUNK FOOD!

Yes, exactly. JUNK. Loaded with sugar, chemicals, colors, artificial ingredients, lab-born edible substances like MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), and what not! We aspire to aware our consumers to make it a habit to read the ingredients and nutrition information of every item that they buy. (Start with ours --> Shop now) We are working on screaming the fact that front label claims are not entirely true. Read the back and decide for yourself!

  • We promise to not use ANY CHEMICALS or ANYTHING ARTIFICIAL ever!
  • We promise to give equal importance to taste because who wants to compromise on that! Duhh!
  • We dare you to compare the ingredients and nutritional information with the market leaders.
  • We dare you to choose what's best for your health and taste buds!

Why do we exist

Almost every Indian is protein deficient

How does Fitco help?

The Majority population consumes a vegetarian diet, which is great but lacks protein. Our protein blend is 100% vegetarian and is derived from
plants and milk providing you with all Essential Amino Acids.
Eating JUST dal, paneer and nuts every day is very boring. We offer protein in the most loved style - Namkeen snack.
Can be consumed anytime anywhere while doing anything.
Protein shakes can be super expensive, adulterated and NOT TASTY! Replace your junk and chemical-loaded food with some delicious protein (Organic certified) based POCKET-FRIENDLY snack.