Why should you choose baked snacks over fried snacks?

Baked vs Fried snacks

Everyone preaches about consuming baked snacks in order to eat healthy and stay fit. If you are one of them too who have spent a lifetime trying to maintain a healthy weight and make it a lifestyle, we are pretty sure you would have asked yourself - “Baked snacks or fried snacks?” Well, this is a continuous battle you’ll find yourself in. However, staying fit does not just come with healthy eating but it also involves learning stress management skills, staying physically active along with having an ideal balanced diet. It is only a coalescence of all three factors that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is important for you to know that when you are trying to consume a healthy diet, the cooking procedure is of equal importance as well as the ingredients you are putting in it. Fried food is not just harmful to your health but is one of the major reasons for the accumulated fats in your body which can also cause life-threatening problems moving ahead. Baking food helps you in controlling the amount of fat in the food you are consuming which will ultimately put you towards maintaining a healthy diet and weight. They are healthier and nutritious and have already taken over fried snacks in so many households. Here’s why considering baked snacks over fried snacks is important.

Reasons why baked snacks beat fried snacks?

1. Accumulated fat 

Accumulated fat

When oil is heated at a high temperature it causes oxidation. Oxidized oils lead to many health problems such as damage to the heart, kidney, and lungs. Junk snacks are fried in palm oil. Studies have shown oxidized palm oil adversely affected plasma, free fatty acids, and a high risk of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and arterial thrombosis.

The oil needed for baking as compared to frying is as good as nil. About 25% of oil is absorbed by the food and every tablespoon of oil brings you 120 calories and 14 grams of fat to your food. This is a major reason for gaining weight. Also, kindly note that this type of weight gain is just not healthy at all because this is the fat depository that was unable to be digested by your digestive system, and gradually settles down and forms a part of your body.

2. Nutrition loss

Nutrition loss

When food is deep-fried in oil, high temperature causes the breakdown of nutrition in the food, and that same nutrition gets dissolved in the oil. When you bake, baked food holds the nutritional content in the food intact and hence, makes the food healthier and nutritious.

3. Acne causing factor

Acne causing factor

If you are suffering from acne, fried snacks can be one of the biggest contributors to this problem. Fried food plays a vital role in acne. Though you don’t see the effect right away it takes a toll on your skin in the long run because of your eating habits of unhealthy and oily snacks. Oily snacks affect hormonal balance ending up affecting gut health, leading to acne and oily skin.

4. Encumbers the digestive system

Encumbers the digestive system

When deep-fried snacks are over-consumed, they put prodigious pressure on your digestive system. Out of all the three carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, fat is digested the most slowly. It also requires more enzymes and digestive juices, such as stomach acid and bile, to break it down in order to make the digestive system work more than its usual capacity, which often causes nausea, bloating, and discomfort.

How does Fitco Foods keep you away from unhealthy munching?

Fitco’s protein puffs will keep you from eating unhealthy and deep-fried snacks. Our protein puffs are baked,  not fried, and are made using cold-pressed sunflower oil. Cold-pressed sunflower oil is loaded with Omega 6 fats and Vitamin E. The antioxidants present in the oil help to prevent diseases and strengthen cell membrane barriers. The protein blend is 100% vegetarian and is derived from plants and milk to provide consumers with all Essential Amino Acids. Fitco Foods is a fresh entrant in the consumer food space that aims to unravel the unhealthy secrets of your tasty junk food and replace them with our nutritiously delicious snacks. The majority population consumes a vegetarian diet, which is great but lacks protein. We offer protein in the most loved style - Namkeen style because kids and even adults love eating chips. Fitco aspires to make their consumers get into a daily habit of reading all the ingredients and nutritional information of each & every item that they buy.

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