Why is Gluten bad for your health?

Why is Gluten bad for your health?


The fun fact is that the name gluten derives from the wet property of dough being glue-like. Gluten is a protein naturally found in some grains like wheat, rye, barley, etc. It belongs to the family of grains. Of all the gluten-containing grains, wheat is the most commonly used. Glutenin and Gliadin are the two main proteins that are present in Gluten. Gliadin is responsible for the majority of the adverse health effects caused by Gluten. Lately, there have been different thoughts on gluten. A lot of sources claim it to be safe for everyone except the people who suffer from celiac disease. On the flip side, health experts say that gluten is harmful to many people.

Problems caused by Gluten

One thing that isn’t great about gluten is that it can cause serious side effects to some people with certain health conditions. Certain individual’s bodies react differently to gluten, where the body senses it as a toxin, causing one’s immune system to overreact and attack it. If unknowingly a gluten-sensitive person continues to eat gluten, it creates a sort of battleground leading to inflammation. Given below are some of the harmful effects of Gluten:

Celiac disease

Celiac disease, also known as coeliac disease, is known to be the most severe form of gluten intolerance. The immune system attacks gluten along with the lining of the gut. This leads to the damage of the gut wall and can cause anemia, nutrient deficiencies, severe digestive problems, and increases the risk of various diseases. Some people suffering from celiac disease do not have digestive symptoms however they may have other symptoms like tiredness or anemia. Hence, doctors sometimes find it challenging to diagnose celiac disease patients. 

    Celiac Disease Symptoms

    Non-celiac gluten sensitivity

    It is called a non-celiac gluten sensitivity condition when people who do not test positive for celiac disease can still react negatively to gluten. Following are the symptoms of non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Though there is no clear understanding of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, a doctor may make a person diagnose when he reacts negatively to gluten. However, some experts do not think that it is a valid condition. They believe that substances other than gluten can also cause such adverse effects. It is also believed that people who think they are gluten intolerant may have developed those symptoms because of some other causes.

      Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

      Wheat allergy

      It is an allergy that occurs in one or more of the proteins such as albumin, gluten, gliadin, globulin found in wheat. Comparatively, celiac disease is a single intolerance to gluten. Symptoms may range from mild to severe and may include. This condition is generally found in children, but they grow out of it by the time they reach adulthood.

        Wheat Allergy Symptoms

        Irritable bowel syndrome

        Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic condition, however, many people may manage these symptoms by following a diet, changing lifestyles, and practicing techniques to manage stress. We all know that gluten can cause many problems to your body when consumed so you need to always be wary of what you eat before you eat it. 

        irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

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