Refined oils and why you should never eat them

Refined Oil

You need to know everything about refined oils because eating healthy is not just limited to what you cook and eat but also with WHAT YOU COOK WITH. While walking past the store, you come around an endless variety of cooking oil on the store shelves and it’s really hard to pick the right one. And there is always confusion about whether to eat refined oils or not. If you find yourself in this confusing state of choosing the right cooking oil, this article is for you!

Lately, cold-pressed vegetable oils have been replaced by refined cooking oils in so many households. Because they are inexpensive and straightforwardly available in grocery stores. Brands that sell these oils proudly put up the “refined” label on the products, however, despite all these claims, these refined oils can actually cause various serious health problems.

Statistics of oil consumption

Over the years, studies have shown ample evidence advising that animal fats are not the primary reason for our epidemic levels of heart disease, instead, vegetable oils are. Research shows that the consumption of butter at the turning point of the century was near about 8.164 kilograms per year and the use of vegetable oils didn’t even exist. At that time cancer and heart-related diseases were infrequent. Today as we see the consumption of butter is only above 1.814 kilograms per year whereas the use of refined oils and vegetable oils has gone through the roof. The demand for refined oils is popularised because conventional cooking oils have a shorter shelf life. Whereas refined oils stay fresh for a long period of time. But this process of refining comes with its own cons and can eventually cause harm to your health in the long run.

The aftermath of using refined oils

Refined Oil Side effects

1.    Presence of trans fatty acids

The hydrogenation of refined oils leads to the formation of trans fatty acids. Research proves a direct relation of trans fatty acids with cardiovascular diseases, shortening of pregnancy period, breast cancer, disorders of the nervous system and vision in infants, diabetes, colon cancer, risk of preeclampsia, and obesity. Now, several countries restrict the use of trans fats in food production.

2.    Affects blood sugar levels

 Insulin is an important hormone that helps regulate blood sugar. The trans fats present in hydrogenated oils may develop insulin resistance. And insulin resistance can leave people with a maximal highest risk of originating type-2 diabetes.

3.    Chronic inflammation

The trans fats and high levels of Omega-6 acids formed during the refining process makes refined oil exceedingly inflammatory in nature. It can contribute to diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and cancer. Refined oils can also trigger acne.

4.    Contains trace amount of hexane

Hexane is a petroleum-based solvent that may cause dizziness, nausea, headache, and abdominal pain. After the oil is mechanically extracted from the seeds, the leftover meal is washed using hexane to extract more oil from the meal. The trace amount of this hexane may be left behind in the cooking oil causing a negative impact on your health.

5.    Unfavorable for heart health

Refined oils can escalate the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood along with decreasing the levels of good cholesterol. This eventually leads to a greater risk of developing heart diseases or stroke.

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