Protein puffs - The new normal snack in 2021

Protein Puffs

Protein puffs are great for those people looking for on-the-go healthier alternative snacks that will suffice their crunch and hunger. Now, protein puffs are packed in delicious flavors which won’t hamper your diet. These puffs are absolutely health-friendly and are the perfect snack for you to have as a late night snack or even in between meals. You no longer need to resort to traditional salads and boring peanuts to meet your dietary and nutrition goals. Protein puffs are a remarkably new and trending type of high-protein snack.

Fitco came up with this product to resemble your savory taste buds that have always been habitual to chumbling junk food. These snacking items are good for your health as they are quite high in protein and low in carbs & calories. Protein puffs can be a solid snacking substitute while you want to stick to your high protein diet. Because of more people looking for healthy snacking food alternatives, manufacturers have started making them in a plethora of flavors that will not make your diet boring. There are different flavors like cream and onion, peri-peri, cheese, etc.

Why are protein puffs the new normal snacks?

After more than a year of the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been an uttermost fear of staying fit and healthy, people are trying to look for healthy snacking options like never before. While shopping on mobile phones or running daily errands at the grocery store, people are always on the hunt for snacks that can be consumed daily and are healthy at the same time. In order to find the best alternatives, we are always rolling our eyes on the labels, ingredient list and trying to avoid items that are loaded with empty calories, carbs, fats, and sugar because we must have already overindulged in them during the pandemic. And we are looking for as many health benefits as possible a snack can offer.

A surge in the demand post pandemic

Coming out of the pandemic, we have all realized that unquestionably there is nothing more important than our health. Now, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is at the top of mind for each of us along with stressful life. Protein puffs help you achieve your fitness goals by not compromising on taste. These snacks fulfil a major chunk of your protein requirement.

These healthy alternatives have been in the market for a while even before the pandemic but we saw a heavy surge in demand post-pandemic. They have been trending so much that they have become a ‘must have’ when we talk about following a diet especially when we can’t completely cut down sweet or savory snacking items. Protein puff is a quick, healthy, and efficient way to consume protein in your chaotic and unbalanced schedules. Consumers are snacking more than ever before and simultaneously expect their snacks to offer nutrition and wellness. Fitco’s protein puffs are a good example of a snack that offers you a healthy choice, whilst satisfying your cravings for comfort food at the same time. If you are looking to leverage the opportunity in healthy snacks you should try your hands on Fitco’s protein puffs that offer delicious nutrition. This pandemic not just gave a boost to snacking items but also made people aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Why Fitco foods?

Why Fitco Foods

We know you have been trying to stick to your diet plan to stay fit and healthy but somehow you end up indulging in those unhealthy, savory, and oily snacks. Don’t worry, Fitco’s protein puffs are here to your rescue. Now you can easily replace your junk and chemical-loaded food with some delicious protein-based snacks. Fitco is India’s 1st 15g Protein based snack and aims at keeping people fit through healthy snacking. The majority population consumes a vegetarian diet, which is great but lacks protein. Fitco’s blend of protein puffs is 100% vegetarian and is derived from plants and milk to provide consumers with all Essential Amino Acids. Fitco Foods are a fresh entrant in the consumer food space that intends to unravel the unhealthy secrets of your tasty junk food and replace them with nutritiously delicious snacks.

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