Pre-Workout Snacks - 8 best options to Eat!

Before we talk about the 8 best pre-workout snacks to eat let's first answer this question! Are you trying to relieve mental tension, decrease weight, or gain muscle? I'm sure you'd say Gym is the answer to all of your issues! The gym not only keeps you physically fit, but it also keeps you mentally healthy. However, since we have been at home for more than a year, getting back to the gym after the lockdown is difficult. You must be considering how to increase your stamina and avoid feeling sluggish or maybe even procrastinating to get back!

So, with a few basic and uncomplicated actions, let's rekindle your excitement. Begin with your eating patterns. We've all noticed that junk food has surpassed healthy and nutritious meals resulting in a weak immune system during Covid-19. Eating healthy food is essential in our daily lives. If you eat healthily, then have a cheat day once a week with eating junk food, but don't forget to eat every 2 hours. A modest snack every two hours keeps your metabolism in check and prevents overeating, which is a sign of stress, worry, and weight gain. Don't forget to drink plenty of water while you're eating.

Here are the 8 best & easiest pre-workout snacks that are healthy, will boost your metabolism and make you gym-ready. It is the perfect balance between proteins and carbs.

  1. Apple and Almond butter
    For your cardio, here’s a bowl overflowing with vitality. Boiled eggs, Bananas, apples, almond butter, and coconut are all that you require. The process is simple, all you have to do is mash the boiled eggs and bananas. Once mashed together you have to serve it with apples & almond butter and coconut as a topping.

  2. Apple and Peanut butter
    If you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to prepare your snack then take an apple, cut it into slices and apply some peanut butter with chia seeds, raisins, and nuts as a topping.

  1. Blueberry smoothie
    Need more fuel for your morning workout then have this tasty smoothie. It is made up of blueberries, bananas, yogurt, almond milk, and a few ice cubes. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender and enjoy your tasty, healthy blueberry smoothie.
  1. Leftover meal
    Wondering what to do with the leftover meal, here is the solution. Keep a small snack like a portion of the leftover meal like chicken and eat it with green beans and sweet potato the next day. This is best even if you are in a hurry or confused about which snack to make for your workout.
  2. Healthy Peanut butter sandwich
    For an excellent combination of both protein and carbs, eat this healthy and tasty peanut butter sandwich with whole-grain bread. It will help you to lift weight and you won't even have sugar dips during the workout.

  1. Stuffed Avocados
    Running late for your workout then use this easy recipe for your pre-workout snack. All you need is avocado, some tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, and greek yogurt. Chop all the veggies and mix them well, and then use it as a filling for avocados. Here is your simple, easy, and tasty pre-workout snack.

  2. Chicken rice
    If you want to eat rice but aren’t sure if it's healthy for you. Then try out this awesome recipe of Chicken rice which is a perfect balance between proteins and carbs for your perfect pre-workout snack. Chicken is a low-fat protein and instead of using regular rice, use brown rice which is a protein-rich fiber along with vitamins, and minerals. Also, it will help you to stay fit and active.

  1. Porridge
    Whether it is vegetable porridge or chicken porridge, both are equally healthy and can be eaten as a pre-workout snack. All you need is vegetables of your choice like green peas, carrot, potatoes, or even capsicum if you want along with oatmeals. Take a pressure cooker, roast oatmeal without ghee or oil, and then add all your favorite vegetables, water, salt, and pepper as per your taste. Cook the vegetables until they become soft and your Vegetable Porridge is ready to eat.

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