India’s protein deficiency and the problems related to it

Protein deficiency


Before knowing what protein deficiency is and why it is becoming a prominent problem in India, let’s see what protein is and how it helps our body. Protein is an essential macronutrient that is required by the body to carry out several body functions. Protein is called the building block of life as it helps build muscle. They help in weight loss and keep you away from mindless noshing. They also assist many hormonal functions.

Indian corners with the highest protein deficiency

More than rural this problem of protein deficiency is more prominent in urban and semi-urban housing areas because there is a higher rate of consumption of aerated beverages and processed foods as compared to cereals and pulses. It is shown by a study that there is protein deficiency in more than 80% of Indians. On a daily basis, their protein consumption is only about 20-30 grams while it is advised to be about 60-90 grams. ‘Chennai’ ranks 3rd in India when it comes to protein deficiency while Lucknow and Ahmedabad occupy the first and the second rank respectively.

Indias high protein deficiency level

Soaring protein deficiency in India

Protein deficiency is more prevalent in India than you think. In spite of Indian cuisine being healthy, people in India are suffering from protein deficiency. Indian cuisine is known for its appetizing spices, vibrant flavors, and fresh herbs all around the globe. The Indian diet has more significance for plant-based items, although throughout the country there is also a healthy consumption of meat in different forms. Today, we are seeing an increasing problem of obesity among the population of India, explicitly in urban and semi-urban areas. The major attribute contributing to this can be the growing ease of access to processed foods, another great reason is also the fact that Indians are such foodies and they love their food so much that they can never think of going on a diet.

Research showed that 77% of the urban population in India would choose tasty food over healthy food. One big reason for this can be a lack of awareness, however, the scenario is changing as awareness increases and an improving number of Indians are now opting for dietary plans to focus on improving stamina and weight loss.

Consumption of these protein-rich sources will help you overcome the problem:

You can assess the quality of protein by the presence of all essential amino acids along with their digestibility. You can get good quality protein from fish, meat, eggs and those who are vegetarians can get it from pulses, seeds, nuts, and legumes. These 11 protein-rich foods you should consider inculcating in your diet in order to save yourself from the problems caused by protein deficiency:

Protein rich foods

How do Fitco protein puffs help with this challenge?

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