How to eat your favourite food without worrying about weight gain?

Weight gain

How cool it is if we can gnaw on our favourite snacks without worrying about weight gain. People think starving for longer helps them lose weight but it only makes it worse. Starving for longer affects your metabolism. Instead, you should eat in small portions at certain intervals.  If you think about it, it is as simple as altering the way we think about food. The eating habits we have learned since infancy may not work for us at the moment. Here are a few ways to enjoy your favourite food without worrying about weight gain.

9 ways to eat your favourite food without brooding about weight gain

1.    Eat when you’re hungry

How about an app reminding you when you should eat? Interestingly, it is pre-installed in your body, and it’s called hunger! Hunger works by notifying you to eat. Only eat when you feel the hunger notification but don’t get ravenous.

2.    Stop your diet

Diets don’t work because they are not sustainable because denying ourselves from enjoying things serves unhappiness. So get your diets out of your way forever. Just make a permanent lifestyle change that will be a healthier version of yourself. Stop starving. Starving will only cause harm to your body by decreasing the metabolism rate. Eat at time intervals. Eat small portions.

3.    Lose the labels

Certain foods may be more or less nutritious but these choices do not reflect your morality. What you eat does not make you good or bad. So just stop thinking in those binary terms. And definitely stop thinking about your behavior about being good or bad.

4.    Don’t eat your feelings

Your sole source of comfort shouldn’t be eating. If you think that’s why you are eating more than you should, then do things that bring you joy such as watch your favourite TV show, go for a walk, take a hot shower, catch up with a friend, etc.

5.    Slow down the rate of eating

To slow down the rate of eating, divide what’s on your plate into two. Eat half. If you are still hungry after 20 minutes, eat the other half. Don’t order extra food just because you are over-hungry, that will either make you overeat or make you waste the leftover food.

6.    Eating should be an event

Make eating an enjoyable experience. Make your mealtimes special. Set the table, light a candle, value quality over quantity, savor the flavour.

7.    Respect that body

Don’t curse yourself for drooling over that pizza loaded with extra cheese. Stop giving your belly those jeopardizing looks. Instead, look at your chubby fats as a cache of energy. Accept and respect your body however it is, while you are trying to make a healthy lifestyle change gradually.

8.    Study the food that you eat

It’s difficult to change our old habits but once you start to realize how food actually tastes and how your body feels after eating, you will also notice what foods make you feel better. This way you can change your habits easily.

9.    Exercise

Making exercise a part of your daily routine will give you the freedom of eating whatever you desire. If you exercise just to burn calories, it becomes boring. Hit that workout to stay fit, not just to earn the right to eat your favourite food.

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