A guide to healthy snacking

Despite the good intentions of healthy snacking, we are so amicable of munching on a packet of chips, a bar of chocolate, or a bite of a donut or maybe the whole donut - we’re only humans after all. The fact that snacking comes to us very naturally, the problematic part is are we eating something that is healthy and are eating in the right quantity?

Healthy snacking can have an impact on your overall health, help you curb unnecessary cravings, and help you with weight management. Eating healthy does not only help you be in shape but also gives you the energy called for to keep you going throughout the day and regulates your mood. To assist you, we are here with a simple guide that will help you in healthy snacking.

A quick guide to a healthy snack preparation

Quite often we all feel the 3:00 pm post-lunch plummet in energy, tiredness, hunger, and we are counting down the minutes and hours until dinnertime. When we are hungry, we easily try to reach for something quick to munch on such as a pack of chips, a box of crackers, a box of chocolate, etc. This mindless snacking does only little good to keep us full and generally leads the way for overconsuming unhealthy calories. In order to make healthier choices and be prepared for when your stomach begins to bark in between meals, you first need to understand how to snack thoughtfully. Snacking healthy will not only give you a boost of energy but also keep you fuller for longer and curb your hunger. The best snack contains a mix of fiber, fats, and protein. To choose the right snack choose one item from each category next time you feel hungry.

Benefits of healthy snacking

Benefits of healthy snacking


Healthy snacking does not just keep you full for longer, it comes with many other benefits such as:

  • Fat reduction
  • Control the levels of blood sugar
  • Improved strength
  • Improved muscle mass (for athletes)
  • Nutritional support
  • Increase in energy levels

Challenges involved in healthy snacking

Sometimes, why we get into a rut of unhealthy snacking is because of a lack of time, resources, and information. It’s just that we are hungry and we eat something mindlessly to curb that hunger. Let’s see how you can overcome the challenges involved in healthy snacking.

  1. No time to stop and eat: Pack snacks that are non-refrigerated to take with you that don’t require any prep work and are ready to eat.
  2. Unavailability of healthy options at college/work: If your college or workplace does not have healthy snacking options, plan your snacks in advance and carry snacks with you.
  3. Unsure of what to make and take: Try different combinations and discover which snacks you like the most. This will help you quickly put together a fast snack.
  4. Less time on hand in the morning: Take some time off on a weekend and prepare snacks for the week. Pack your snacks in containers to control your portion intake.

How can Fitco help you stop mindless munching?

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